Using Default Filebeat Index Templates with Logstash

In one of my prior posts, Monitoring CentOS Endpoints with Filebeat + ELK, I described the process of installing and configuring the Beats Data Shipper Filebeat on CentOS boxes. This process utilized custom Logstash filters, which require you to manually add these in to your Logstash pipeline and filter all Filebeat logs that way. But … Continue reading Using Default Filebeat Index Templates with Logstash

MooseFS: Build and Installation Guide

I recently learned about Distributed File Systems (DFS) and the benefits they could bring to an organization whose needs require redundant and highly available information across their systems. As part of a class project, I had to look into MooseFS, a fault-tolerant, network based DFS that can be mounted to virtual disks on client machines. … Continue reading MooseFS: Build and Installation Guide